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I am madly in love with a guy named Justin...who happens to be my husband! I currently work as a nurse, but I want to do so many things in this life! I gave my life to Jesus a long time ago, and I am renewed daily knowing that my life is in His hands. My desire is to grow deeper daily in a relationship with a relentless God.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Staying awake...

I'm currently at work trying to stay awake since my blocked time for a two hour nap was more like a light doze, and being woken up multiple times by my phone (thanks, Justin) and my dog. Good times. Our yearly reviews are due by the 31st, and I, of course, have done nothing with it. Also good times!

Lately Justin and I have been trying to keep up with everything that's been going on. I have been working, and Justin has been student teaching. Luckily I am working days right now (with the exception of this week) and we actually see each other. It's nice to see your husband once in a while. Sometimes it felt like we were dating again and just spending a few hours a week with each other. Hopefully once Justin is back in school this summer we will be able to spend more time together. A girl can dream, right?

Quick updates:
* I am training for running in the St. Louis Go! relay marathon. So far I've ran about (a) mile. I guess I  should probably try to run at least 4 by April 10th.

*  Justin and I have been doing P90X, and I've also been doing Turbo Fire (intense cardio kickboxing). I refuse to pay money to join a gym when we can do the programs at home and running is free in our neighborhood :) Justin has had much better success...I really struggle to workout on the days I work, let alone do things like, say, take my dog outside! What will we do when there's a baby in our house? Egads, I don't even want to think about it.

*  We have been so blessed to be getting connected at City Church and in our City Life group. Sometimes J and I struggle with wanting to know what's next, but it's been so humbling to see how God has led us here over the past year.

*  If I could be selfish and ask for prayers, Justin and I were pretty bummed about some news he got todayabout financial aid for Covenant. I BELIEVE God will provide and take care of us. So I am just asking that we will find contentment and peace in Him.

 Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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