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I am madly in love with a guy named Justin...who happens to be my husband! I currently work as a nurse, but I want to do so many things in this life! I gave my life to Jesus a long time ago, and I am renewed daily knowing that my life is in His hands. My desire is to grow deeper daily in a relationship with a relentless God.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Wow! What a whirlwind the last two months have been. May was crazy, and June was equally exciting. Lots of details I will post soon, as we just got back from a Mexican wedding vacation, and are preparing to move this weekend!

During the craziness, I found a few hours to do a couple of restoration projects. I bought both of these from an antique store on Cherokee street in the city. I got a pretty good deal on both...$15 for the chair and $30 for the glass mirror. I sanded down the chair, spray painted both primer and color on it, and it turned out pretty well. I'm going to have to find some sort of pad or cushion for the seat as it's a cardboard-like material and is pretty worn down.

The frame started black, and the glass was kind of worn down so I painted a chalkboard paint on that surface (thanks, Mary Susan, for the paint!) and spray painted the frame. This is definitely my favorite of the two!!

I feel like today was a success, I was able to run through our finances for the next couple of weeks and change our address for all of our bills/accounts. WOW! I forgot what a chore that was. Now, it's off to finish packing up the bedrooms. I was able to do most of the kitchen last night, which I'm glad to have out of the way. Moving day is almost here! So exciting!

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