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I am madly in love with a guy named Justin...who happens to be my husband! I currently work as a nurse, but I want to do so many things in this life! I gave my life to Jesus a long time ago, and I am renewed daily knowing that my life is in His hands. My desire is to grow deeper daily in a relationship with a relentless God.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Well, we are moved! Praise the Lord! Thanks to our very awesome friends..
  • Brad and Hannah
  • Mike, one of our pastors (who I knew was leaving for vacay today and I was so humbled when I saw he was also preaching today. Thank you so much for sacrificing that time, Mike!)
  • CJ and Keri 
  • Brenden B.
  • Justin's dad, Duane
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We truly could not have had such an "easy" move without all of your help!

Things we learned from the move:
  • We are staying here as long as possible because the thought of moving our washer/dryer again makes both Justin and I (and I'm sure justin's dad) want to be sick!
I am still pretty bummed that I haven't been able to post any pictures from our trip or the move (unless they are from my phone) because of the cable situation. So...tomorrow after I clean the old place, my first priority is to put my pics on a DVD at walgreen's so I can do a little blogging! Until then, enjoy a couple of pictures from my iphone!

 A few friends ready to welcome us, and sting Justin the first day!! :(

 New kitchen with a gas stove! New to us!

 Justin enjoying our first meal in the new place...thanks, Cindy!

 Manning loves our new backyard! (kind of..haha) But he does love our new park that is one block away!

 A view looking into the dining room/office and living room! We love the tall ceilings!

 We have a love/hate relationship with our huge windows! We really really love them, except for when we have to buy blinds!

Jacuzzi tub!?! WHAT WHAT!!

Hope you all had a great Sunday!

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